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Prepare your car for winter with Sutherland Performance

Winter is coming, and you need to start paying more attention to your vehicle’s maintenance. As the weather gets colder and the nights longer, your car will be exposed to a more challenging environment, and any developing faults are more likely to appear. That’s why it is essential to perform a few safety checks before you hit the road for a longer trip!

Here are five tips by Sutherland Performance that will help you keep your vehicle on the road!

1. Batteries

Batteries are put under more strain in the colder winter months, which can cause them to fail earlier. At Sutherland Performance, we can perform battery checks to ensure they are fit for the colder climate and replace them if needed. Having a set of jumper cables in your car is also a great precaution against unexpected breakdowns caused by a weak battery. You can even help others out of a difficult situation that they might not be prepared for!

2. Tyres

Slippery and icy roads become more common in the colder months, especially when it rains regularly. So, it is essential that your tyre tread is up to standard to ensure it has still got enough grip for the road. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm. However, when it reaches just 3mm, your wet grip is reduced, and it’s better to get a new set of tyres for your vehicle. You can test your tread depth by placing a 20c coin in the tread, and if you see the whole number, you might need to change your wheels.

3. Windscreen

Visibility is significantly reduced in the winter with increased cold and wet conditions.  Worn wiper blades can take the problem further, leaving streaks across your windscreen. It’s a good idea to purchase a new set of wipers before the low visibility winter months arrive and to clean your windscreen on the inside and out. Windscreen water can also freeze much easier, so ensure you leave enough room on top to fill it up with warm water!

4. Lights

As days get shorter and nights longer, you will have to turn your head and tail lights on more often. Check that they are all working by walking around your car regularly when they are turned on. This will help with your own visibility while driving and ensure that others can see you too! Change your lights that aren’t working as quickly as possible!

5. Winter emergency kit

Having an emergency kit in your boot in case of an emergency, with a first aid kit, high visibility jacket, torch, blanket, water and food and some spare clothes, will ensure you are well prepared for a difficult situation.

If you would like a group of professionals to take a look at your car before the colder winter months hit, contact Sutherland Performance. We will make sure your European vehicle is well maintained and ready for a longer trip in winter!