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Performance Tuning Wellington

Maybe you want a little more confidence when you pull out to overtake? Perhaps you need more torque for towing or carrying that extra heavy load? Or maybe you require better fuel economy from your diesel vehicle?


It may be simply that you want your vehicle to perform to its full capability, how it should have been from the factory. Whatever the reason we can offer the solution to suit your needs.

When a manufacturer designs an engine, they develop it to be used in many variations and in many models. The same engine may be released in various power outputs which is purely controlled by software. Manufacturers also must adhere to very strict emission standards when releasing a new engine. They must consider differing fuel quality, service schedules and whether they will be followed. These are just a few reasons there is unexploited performance just sitting there waiting to be unleashed.

How do you start and get the most out of your vehicle?

Here is how Sutherland Performance can maximise your vehicle's potential

  • Get in touch or come in and see us personally and we can establish exactly what your goals are. We have tuned cars you can test drive to experience what results can be achieved.
  • Book in your vehicle with us. We will need it for a full day- occasionally we may require it overnight- you’ll be advised if this is the case.
  • Once we have your vehicle a full diagnostic scan of all Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) is carried out, ensuring no pre-existing faults are present before we start.
  • Next a road test prior to tuning is carried out and we log some data to determine how your vehicles currently running.
Performance Tuning Audi
Sutherland Performance Workshop
  • We then need to take a read of your vehicles Engine control unit (ECU). This is done by either connecting via your vehicles On Board Diagnostics 2(OBD) port or in some cases we must remove the ECU from the vehicle and removed the covers to be able to take a read and extract the data required for tuning. You will be advised wither way.
  • Once we have a read of your vehicles ECU the data is analysed and modified according to your requirements. We can customise a tune according to your specific requirements.
  • The modified file is then written to your vehicles ECU using our specialised equipment.
  • We then connect logging equipment to the vehicle and carry out a road test and ensure desired results are being achieved and safety limits are not being exceeded.
  • Results of the logging are analysed and once we’re happy, you’re advised the vehicle is ready for collection.
  • You collect the vehicle and we take great satisfaction in knowing the massive grin you’ll have on your face as you pull off down the road.
  • After a few days a follow-up call is made ensuring you’re happy with the results. All tunes carry a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.
Performance Tuning Wellington

Get in touch below to find out what performance gains await you...