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Our experienced technicians provide comprehensive repair services.

Using only genuine or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and filters to ensure excellence in quality and longevity.

All repairs are completed in compliance with manufacturer standards and specifications.

We offer a wide range of car repair options

Sutherland Performance only uses products which meet manufacturers approvals and standards.

Using specialised diagnostic equipment particularly focused on later model European vehicles we can detect faults to provide timely and cost-effective solutions.

Combined with our lead technician’s extensive automotive experience and training, we are able to accurately detect and successfully repair your vehicle’s issue.

Available at Sutherland Performance:

  • Full mechanical servicing
  • Full mechanical fault diagnostics
  • Electrical fault diagnostics and repair
  • Air conditioning servicing, repairs, re-gassing
  • Brakes servicing and repairs
  • Transmission servicing and repairs
  • Tyres and wheel alignment
  • Battery testing and replacement

Sutherland Performance can service and repair your vehicle's Air Conditioning as well as re-gas the system for you.

Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning is just like any other vehicle system, it needs servicing and sometimes repair. Regular servicing of your vehicle’s AC including replacement cabin filters can help avoid failures and large repair bills. Often the fault may be caused by a leak in the system causing loss of the refrigerant. Using our specialised equipment, we can quickly detect and repair leaks and get your vehicle blowing ice-cold again.

We also provide antibacterial treatments for Air Conditioning systems which may have developed foul smells caused by development of bacteria.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair

Walnut Blasting

Gasoline Direct Injection(GDI) engines unfortunately suffer from a symptom known as carbon build-up which in simple-terms affects how the engine breathes, reducing the amount of air available to the combustion chamber. Common symptoms include, loss of power, increase in fuel consumption, intermittent misfires, rough idle and loss of compression.

The only truly effective way of cleaning carbon deposits from the intake tract and valves is by a procedure known as walnut-blasting. This involves removing the intake manifold and using a mixture of compressed air and walnut shells to gently but effectively remove years of carbon deposits from your intake.

Benefits from this procedure include an increase in fuel economy, increase in performance (tests have shown up to 20HP in some cases!) and a smoother running engine. Get in touch for a indictive quote to get your vehicle breathing as it was when it was new.

Before and After Walnut Blasting

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