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Do you own a European vehicle and would like to know how to stay on top of its maintenance? At Sutherland Performance, we firmly believe the best thing you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably is to engage in preventative maintenance using quality lubricants and parts. In this blog, we point out five things that you should know about your European vehicle’s maintenance!

1. Change the engine oil regularly with good quality factory approved oil

Highly complex European engines work best when the oil is clean and serviced regularly. Think of the engine oil as the lifeblood of the engine, if it’s not changed according to the service schedule its friction-cutting properties dimmish, causing premature wear to engine components. At Sutherland Performance, our experienced team will offer a recommended maintenance schedule to ensure that your vehicle will always run at its best. We only use the best parts and fluids available- Liqui Moly engine oil made in Germany and Genuine or OEM filters. Every oil service also includes a Liqui Moly engine flush, removing all deposits and sludge buildup from the engine prior to draining the old engine oil. This results in a much cleaner and smoother running engine.

2. Know how often your vehicle requires a service

Depending on your vehicle’s model, service intervals will vary. Before purchasing a new European model, make sure to check the requirements as they can vary between not only different brands but also different models within the same brand. When you bring your car into Sutherland Performance for the first time, we will explain what type of maintenance it needs and suggest a schedule that you can follow to prevent any issues!

3. Don’t forget about tuning

Your high-performance vehicles have a complicated electronic system that requires specialised expertise to ensure they function to their greatest potential. You might think that tuning is only great for making your car louder, faster, or more powerful, but that is certainly not the case. At Sutherland Performance, we will ensure that your European vehicle performs to its full potential, how it should have been the day it left the factory. We will discuss specific goals you may have with regards to performance and can tailor make packages to suit your budget.

4. Take it to a specialist

To ensure your European vehicle is in the right hands and gets the best maintenance, take it to a specialist, where the team has extensive experience in working on brands and models similar to yours. You likely won’t have any maintenance issues for a longer time, and your car will be functioning to its full potential. If you want an experienced team to work on your vehicle, bring it to Sutherland Performance, where we have been working on Audis, Volkswagens, and Skodas for over 18 years combined experience.

5. Use Genuine or OEM parts only

Sutherland Performance only uses genuine or Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) parts. This ensures factory warranties can be retained and only the best parts are used ensuring optimal performance and operation. We can suggest the exact part you need and order it for you, so you don’t have to spend time finding what you need. At Sutherland Performance, we will do it all for you!

If you require your European vehicle to be serviced or maintained, please get in touch with Sutherland Performance. We will ensure your vehicle’s in the right hands and ensure it’s performing to its full potential.

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