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Volkswagen Servicing at Sutherland Performance

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Maximise your Volkswagen's performance

At Sutherland Performance we do more than just tuning, we take care of your Volkswagen.

We carry out a very thorough service and believe strongly in preventative maintenance. This ensures your vehicle is always performing to its full potential, avoiding costly failures and potential inconveniences. Only the best genuine or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM, meaning the same parts used by the manufacturer but without the branding added) parts and approved fluids are used. We are passionate about looking after your pride and joy the correct way. The VW recommended service interval is every 12-months or 15,000km, whichever comes sooner.

We are aware that being without your vehicle can be a very inconvenient.  For your convenience we have loan cars available on request. These must be requested at the time of your service booking.

What we can do for your Volkswagen

Servicing starts at $399 incl GST and every service includes the following:

  • Running the engine for 15 minutes prior to draining the oil with Liqui Moly engine flush to remove all carbon deposits and any other nasty build-up
  • Genuine new or OEM oil filter
  • Genuine new sump plug and washer
  • Liqui Moly injector cleaner additive added to fuel tank
  • Genuine new VW screen wash additive which includes antibacterial properties and antifreeze to avoid smelly bacteria build-up in your washer reservoir
  • German Liqui Moly engine oil meeting VW approvals
  • A full safety check of the vehicle including measuring brake pads and tyre tread depths
  • Drive Belt/s condition/s checked
  • Battery tested to check the state of your vehicle’s battery
  • Brake fluid tested, and moisture content recorded and reported
  • Tyre pressures adjusted, including the spare, to manufactures specification
  • All vehicle hinges lubricated
  • Check and report of all other vehicle’s fluids, filters, and spark plugs if no previous service history. Report of condition and recommendations made accordingly
  • Service light reset, service book correctly recorded for your complete service history
Common maintenance that come up during a service:

Air filter replacement
The air filter acts as a shield to keep out air particles that cause abrasion and damage to your engine Changing your air filter at recommended intervals will help ensure your engine can breathe more efficiently. This can result in better fuel economy and performance.

We recommend getting the air filer inspected every 30,000km.

Cambelt and water pump
The cambelt is probably the most crucial serviceable part of your engine. It’s job is to keep the top and bottom ends of the engine synchronised. If failure occurs, catastrophic damage can occur resulting in huge repair bills. Cambelt replacement intervals vary with different models. We will advise you when your vehicle is in for service whether replacement is due.

Air conditioning Cabin filter replacement
The cabin filter is responsible for filtering out dust, unpleasant odours, pollutants and other airborne particles from outside going into the air inside your vehicle.  Overtime the pollen filter can become clogged from build-up of dust, residue from fumes and other materials which can put a strain on your heating and air conditioning systems. We recommend getting you cabin filter replaced every 2 years for protection against allergens and smells getting into your car and ensure correct operation of your air conditioning.

Brake Bleed
Your vehicle’s brake fluid is vital to ensure safe and effective braking and is often a neglected service item. The purpose of brake fluid is to transfer mechanical force(when the brake pedal is pressed) into hydraulic pressure to brake components and slow the vehicle down. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air and over time the amount of moisture in the brake fluid will increase. The recommended service interval for brake fluid is 2 years. However, as this is a safety item our technicians will test the amount of moisture in the brake fluid of your vehicle. If the level exceeds 2% the boiling point is dramatically reduced, and we will advise replacement.

Spark Plug Replacement
Spark plugs ignite a mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber of your engine to create combustion which in turn forces movement of the pistons in order to make your car run. Failing or worn spark plugs can cause misfiring which results in uneven acceleration, rough idling, increased fuel consumption and an increase in exhaust emissions. In extreme cases it can also result in engine damage. It is recommended to replace your VW’s spark plugs every 60,000-90,000kms (depending on the model of your VW) as a preventative maintenance.

Fuel Filter Replacement
The fuel filter is responsible for filtering out impurities such as sediment that can build up in your fuel tank. An old fuel filter can cause the engine to stall, reduce power, cause misfires and damage to the fuel pump or injectors. Replacing the fuel filter at the recommended intervals (30,000-90,000km model dependant) can lead to an improvement in power, performance, fuel economy, as well as protecting your injectors and fuel pump.

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Some of our Volkswagen specific testimonials

Wow! Joseph knows how to work magic on my vehicles. Firstly he performed a stage one tune on my D40 R450 Navara. The torque increase is fantastic, now 530 NM, great for towing my 3 tonne caravan or just getting away from the lights without holding traffic up! Secondly he did a stage one tune on our MK6 GTi Golf, I now look for any excuse to drive to shop the long way! Massive torque, massive fun!

Paul EteveneauxMK6 GTi Golf

Joseph @ Sutherland Performance did a top-notch job of tuning my MK6 Golf GTI. He got some serious tire-shredding power out of my Golf and did a really good job at explaining step by step what was required so at all times I had complete peace of mind... If you need a tune Joseph is your man!!

James LyonMK6 Golf GTI

Sent my VW golf to Joe after being misdiagnosed by another mechanic. Car broke down and was spitting fuel from the exhaust. Was towed by aa to nearest auto electrician. Was told by the mechanic there that my car needed a new turbo at a cost of 3k plus labour and all the add ons. They also said that the new turbo may not even fix the issue! I mentioned their diagnosis to Joe who said the diagnosis did not seem sound. I sent my car to Joe and within literally 20 mins he had correctly identified what the issue with my car was. Not a broken a turbo! Joe save me time, money and a lot of stress! Could not recommend Joe more. Thanks Joe!!!

George GeorgiouVW golf

Just had my '09 VW GTI Pirelli tuned by Sutherland Performance. They were great and easy to deal with, friendly, and even fixed a blown tail light. And the tune is amazing. Like seriously amazing. Power delivery is smooth and more predictable than before. It's also much more than before. I'm a happy camper.

Tim Wright'09 VW GTI Pirelli

Had my partners mk6 gti chipped by Joe and it’s made a massive difference. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for some extra power and fuel economy from the car. A+++++

Steven Gordonmk6 gti

Had my Golf TDI tuned at Sutherland Performance. Not only did I gain more power but my fuel economy is even better. Great guy to deal with, Friendly but professional. Highly recommend. Thanks Joe!

Josh ElliottGolf TDI

Great service by Joseph. Stage one on our Golf GTi Pirelli really pleased. He has vast experience on VW's and offers great advice as well. AAAAA++++

Alan RussellGolf GTi Pirelli

Great job on effortlessly doing a resonator delete on my golf R! And to boot, Joseph noticed my key battery needed replacing so he just did! Thanks, bud really appreciate it. The golf sounds sweet.

Tim FowlerGolf R!