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See The Performance Upgrades For Some Of Our More Popular Makes & Models

At Sutherland Performance, we are experts in performance tuning your European vehicles. We perform a 3 stage process to get your car working to its full potential. Stage 1 involves a full analysis of your car’s engine control unit (ECU) and making some modifications to fit your requirements. In Stage 2, we then turn to standard mechanical part changes, such as air filters and turbos. In the last stage, Stage 3, we take this even further and replace specialty parts to really get your vehicle to reach its full potential.

Explore the European vehicle models below and see what our performance tuning involves. If you can’t find your specific model or have more questions, get in contact with us. We can performance tune several car types and we will be happy to explain the process further!

Q7 being serviced

Audi Q7


MK6 GTi Golf

Get in touch to find out what performance gains await you...